Saturday, July 23, 2011

Another day and a tutorial I created and would like to share

Well, it took me awhile to get back here to post again.  I have been busy with stuff. . .family stuff. 

First I want to say thank you to Mandy who does Beads for Brains: 365 who is such an inspiration!  Here is a link to her site:

I have been enjoying beading lately. . . making a few new and, of course, some old bracelets.  I love to bead and make almost anything but I guess bracelets are my favorite. 

This week I went to my local bead shop and was inspired by a pattern "Circle Me Square Bracelet" which comes from Bead Culture Patterns.  This bracelet is made with Tila Beads.  Here is the link:  I really liked this bracelet after seeing one stitched out it was even more inspiring. I have finished beading it but not put on a clasp yet. I changed it slightly so I will finish and photograph mine later.  

I wanted to know how  to stitch the Dragon Bangle from the Feb 2011 issue. A friend and the shop owner recommended a link to Barb's Beading Thoughts to help me with making the bangle.  I fell in love with her creation . . . pinecones...well, who wouldn't?    Tuesday night I began work on the Dragon Bangle.

I was working on the Bangle, which once you understand the bead orientation is much simpler and the next night  was finishing up.  Connecting the two ends doing a great job really got it tight and really indestructible when I noticed it was twisted.  You think I would have checked. . . so I took that apart and am back at work on it again.

A favorite site that I have visited for years, is Eni Oken's Jewelry Lesson's dot com.  There seems to be an emphasis on wire work which I love but actually I do prefer bead weaving.  They have a little of that too!  I love to go there and get inspiration.  It is a fantastic site for inspiration. 

Ok. . .here is a bracelet that I love to make. It is a flat spiral weave with large pearls and some sparkly purple crystals...I am sure they are from China . . .and they are so pretty.

I am also going to post a picture of  another embellished netted bracelet I made.
A couple of views. 
A year ago May I taught the bead club at my favorite bead store "Panda's Crossing".  I am going to share the tutorial that I created for the bead club class. I called the earrings "Blue Ribbon Earrings ".  Hope you like the tutorial.

Friday, July 15, 2011

First Time Blogging

I wonder if anyone will see this blog.  I am writing only to discuss my addiction to beading. Hopefully writing is good therapy.  Maybe, I am only looking for an outlet for my mindless and mindful beading obsession. 

Love to bead, love to buy beads and am always looking for something different to try.  Have been making some embellished netted bracelets lately. I had seen and like this style and purchased the pattern from Jaycees Patterns.  The bracelet pattern purchased to make this bracelet was Amethyst Cuff.  I have made this bracelet in many ways over the past few months.  I will show a few more . . .
So much fun to make and a lovely way to showcase crystals and pearls.  My photos are vastly improved from when I first tried to take pictures of my jewelry.